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Welcome to our Sugar Land dojo where we uphold the true and traditional form of Japanese karate. With three owners who each have over 30 years of experience, you can trust that you are learning from the best. Join us and experience the true spirit of Japanese karate.

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Our Mission

At our dojo, we are committed to upholding the values of dedication and respect that are at the core of traditional Japanese karate. We strive to provide our students with a well-rounded training experience that focuses not only on physical skill development but also on the mental and spiritual aspects of the art. Our ultimate goal is to help our students become confident, disciplined, and respectful individuals both on and off the mat.

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Affiliation with USA National Karate Federation

As a member of the USA National Karate Federation, we are proud to be a part of a larger community of traditional Japanese karate practitioners. This affiliation allows our students to participate in regional and national tournaments, as well as access resources and training from top karate masters. It also ensures that we maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity in our teachings.

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Sensei Silvio Chacon

4th Dan Black Belt

Silvio Chacon is a distinguished martial artist with a 4th dan Black belt and over 40 years of karate experience. Beginning his journey at the age of 8, Silvio has excelled as a competitor, coach, and trainer, representing Venezuela in numerous National and International karate competitions.

Sensei Oswaldo Carrillo

3rd Dan Black Belt

Oswaldo Carrillo is a highly accomplished martial artist with a 3rd dan Black belt and an impressive 45 years of experience in karate. His journey began at the age of 10, leading him to excel as a competitor, coach, and trainer.

Sensei Claudio Brun

2nd Dan Black Belt

Claudio Brun is a seasoned martial artist holding a 2nd dan Black belt, boasting an impressive 45 years of experience in karate as a competitor, coach, and trainer. His journey began at the young age of 10, shaping him into a dedicated practitioner who has excelled both in competitions and in guiding aspiring karate enthusiasts.

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